Business Resilience


This award was created for an outstanding, driven, member who shows resilience, who has persevered and who has shown tenacity in the face of challenge.

As our world was hit  by a global pandemic, many were put in a position of reflection. Many pivoted, many shifted focus and many reinvented themselves, their brand and prioritized very differently.

The Business Resilience Award is an embodyment of a member who triumphed over all in the face of challange.





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The Sue MacLaurin Leadership Memorial Award

The Sue MacLaurin Leadership Memorial Award was an idea of the Brockville Women in Business to honor the memory of Sue MacLaurin.    Sue was an active member of our group who lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in November 2013. Sue was an inspiration, a role model and a friend to many of the women in our group. Although she only lived in Brockville for a short period of time, she became part of our community becoming active in both the Brockville Women in Business and the Brockville Women’s Network and left an impact on everyone she met. Because of this, it is only fitting to honor Sue’s memory at this International Women’s Day celebration. It was decided to create and present an award to someone who best emulates her qualities so the committee searched for the person who best mirrored Sue. For those of you that didn’t know Sue, she was career oriented, inclusive, adaptive,  a risk taker, fearless, a connector, inspirational, authentic, a doer,  a leader , a teacher and had great sense of humour. She was a wife, a mother a sister a very dear friend and we all miss her.



Christina Covey Shannon



Ashley Hill



Terry Anne Hare



Keeley Patterson



Karen MacDonald Hurley



Shelli Warren