Address: 10 East Ave, Brockville, Ontario, Canada
K6V 2M7
Summary: Lynne’s True Colours

As a SeneGence? Independent Distributor, Lynne Demers is committed to providing women with a cosmetic and skincare regime that is complimentary to them. ÿ All cosmetics and skin care have been proven to work during clinical studies. SeneGence products are long lasting, smudge proof, non GMO, cruelty free, wax free, of cosmetic grade, made in the US, lead free, and gluten free.Lynne is dedicated to helping women become empowered by accentuing their natural beauty. ÿWomen love to look and feel their best. ÿWhen a woman feels beautiful she is beautiful. ÿThis is what happens when a woman chooses SeneGence.

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