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Full-Service Auction Company (Live, Online, & Charity Fundraising Auctions}: Eastern Ontario.Connect with me at or call me at 1-613-933-7672. I have over 22+ years of expereince in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. I am also a graduate and instructor of the World Wide College of Auctioneering.ASSESSING MARKET VALUEI have amassed a significant amount of knowledge about the market value of the entire spectrum of auction items: memorabilia, jewelry, antiques, art and collectibles. I?m open to visiting prospective clients and reviewing, free of charge, the items in question.TAKING THE CRAFT OF AUCTIONEERING TO THE NEXT LEVEL-One of the most innovative auctioneers in Canada-Execptioal Customer Service- Solid Business JudgementMY STYLE AS AN AUCTIONEER- Appreciated for my lucid personality-Noted for my high level of integrity-Energetic and Able to easily multi-tash-Uncompromising attention to deal.ÿHow can I help you?ÿÿÿ

Phone: 1-613-933-7672
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Primary Contact: Theresa E Taylor