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This event finished on 31 August 2020

BWB Summer Fundraising Contest

July and August 2020

Monies raised will go to the two official charities of BWB

Girls Inc of Upper Canada and LG Interval House

We have come up with a fun contest to run through the summer!  We hope you will join us!


  • Promote businesses to help them get back on their feet after COVID
  • Increase givings to our charities in 2020
  • Bring the BWB community together with a fun activity and to promote the Shop Local movement



    • Contest ends August 31st
    • Open to Members and Non-Members
    • As a business owner! Sell a product or service with a percentage going to charity and you receive points. You receive more points for a higher percentage donation i.e. 5% of sales go to charity = 50 point; 10% of sales go to charity = 100 points, 15% = 150 points.
    • As an individual! Purchase a product with increments of $25.00 you get points.  25$ purchase = 50 point, $50. Purchase = $100, $100 purchase = $150
    • Yes, you can be both!  Take part as a business or an individual. Get double the points!
    • Prizes for those with the most points are handed out at the September meeting!  Prizes include a gift certificate from Beauty Inside for a free reflexology treatment, BWB Swag and more.
    • Sales and purchases will be submitted weekly to Christina Covey-Shannon at christina.covey-shannon@rbc.com by every Friday at noon.  She will be our record-keeper.  Donations to the charities will be submitted to the BWB by August 31st and then the BWB will distribute to the charities at the September event as a chq presentation.
    • Submission of final donation to Christina Covey-Shannon by Wednesday, September 2nd at 4pm.  Final donations submitted to the BWB from the businesses will be tracked and submitted to the charities and receipts will be issued to the businesses.
    • For those who aren’t able to take part for any reason then we ask that you promote the Contest on your own social media pages to get as many people as possible involved.  Thank you!

    There are 3 steps –      

    Register here!         Keep track of purchases and/or sales      Submit each week!


A list of participants will show here and on our Facebook Event page

We will update as quickly as possible each week so you know who is participating and you can start the fun of buying and selling.

Participants Registered –