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June Meeting  – Online AGM

Please mark your calendars to attend the Annual General Meeting for the Brockville Women in Business

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 11:30 to 12:30

On the agenda –

  • Welcome!  – Ashley
  • Sponsors – Melissa Denny and Brenda VanDusen
  • President’s talk – Ashley
  • Financial Report- Brenda
  • Election  – Wendy Onstein
  • Charity Announcement – Jeanette
  • Charities Speak – Charlene & Jess
  • Next Steps for BWB – Jeanette and Christina – Summer Contest and speakers/activities

Executive Snapshot – what seats are open!

Past-President – Ashley Hill

President – Jeanette Johnston

Vice President – Open (Christina Covey Shannon has put her name forth for this position)

Secretary – Open ( Deborah Coligan has put her name forth for the Secretary position)

Treasurer – Open (Brenda Fisk has let her name stand to continue the roll)

Communications – Open ( Mellissa Denny has put her name forth for this position)

Logistics – Open ( Dana Pearce has put her name forth for this position)

We are accepting nominations for the positions showing Open

Descriptions of all positions:

President – Is responsible for collaboration of the executive team during luncheons, executive meetings and behind the scenes. The President conducts meeting flow while ensuring the membership hears the information they need from our executive team and ensures that the executive team and our membership have support and a leader to count on. The President has cheque signing authority. Hours per month are an enjoyable 7.

Vice President – Accepting the role for the VP position means that you are willing to be President the next year. The VP organizes the talks at each meeting; finding relevant and interesting speakers is key. VP also introduces the speakers at the meetings and carries a vital support role to the President i.e. VP will step in for President in their absence at a meeting. The VP has cheque signing authority. Time spent per month on this role is 2 hours.

Treasurer – This person is responsible for tracking and reconciling meeting registrant’s payments, reconciling money received and monthly bank statements. The treasurer reports monthly to the Executive as well and keeps a thorough accounting of all items to do with money. Average hours per month spent as Treasurer is 8.

Secretary – This position requires notes to be kept on Executive Meetings and at the AGM ; also to help at the registration table during meets. The Secretary will also manage and organize the Google Drive for the group. There are other small support jobs required of the Secretary as well 3 hour commitment per month.

Communication – This roll involves building and sending the newsletter, maintaining social media accounts, taking photos at the luncheons, creating graphics and copy as needed, contacting media and posting events to online calendars, maintaining and updating website and member directory. Average time spent 5 hours a month.

Membership – This Chair’s responsibilities include promoting recruitment and retention of BWB Members. Communicating with the Treasurer and Communications Chair regarding Members and greeting our Members and Guest upon arrival at our monthly meetings. On average, the amount of time set aside is about 2 hours each month.

Logistics – This person works with the Executive and the meeting venue to secure menu and other meeting details. This person is in charge of setting up the Opportunity Knocks table and securing volunteers to run the 50/50 draw. The logistics person also keeps track of and communicates with monthly sponsors. This position takes about 2 hours of time on average per month.

To put your name forward or others names forward for a position please email us at info@brockvillewomeninbusiness.ca

Only paid members can vote at the meeting.  If your intention is to be a paid member and you want the privilege of voting please pay your membership.

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